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Monday, 27 November 2017

Invest in Ghaziabad popular real estate destination Raj Nagar extension

Raj Nagar Extension has become the new one stop destination for property buying due to the number of added advantages it has to offer.
Just like the honey pot attracts the bees instantly, in the same way an area which has the slightest possibility to grow in terms of infrastructure and amenities is bound to attract investors and buyers alike.  Consumers look out to settle at a place where there is no dearth of amenities and conveniences as well as provides them easy access to the nearby regions of their city without any hassle.

With vastly developing infrastructure, conveniences and availability of Ready to move Flats in Ghaziabad, the “Smart City” is a melting pot of real estate opportunities. Its upcoming developing localities such as Indirapuram, Vaishali, Kaushambi, Raj Nagar and many more, have been successful in attracting buyers towards itself. However, the most popular area apart from all these is the Raj Nagar Extension.

Here are some of its features contributing to its demand:

·         Location

A GDA (Ghaziabad Development Authority) approved area, this locality is centrally located having access to all the localities of Ghaziabad, yet shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city. Due to its strategic location, the area boasts of having access to all the physical, social and civic amenities with seamless connectivity to the nearby neighboring regions

·         Largest Green Belt

The Property in Raj Nagar Extension is located nearby the vast expanse of 500 acre green belt adjoining the Hindon River. They provide a break from the polluted free environment and the GDA has also laid down a stern guideline for rain water harvesting ensuring that the quality of ground water does not get depleted within years to come. Green facilities such parks and walk ways are also being planned.

·         Availability of affordable Housing options

Abundant supply of Flats in Raj Nagar Extension keeps the property prices yet under control. With +45 developers inhabiting the area with their properties, there is a constant competition among them on providing affordable housing options with all the facilities and amenities one would look out for. If one goes by the statistics, there are more than 34000 approved residential units in the locality.

·      Major Transit Point

The location of Raj Nagar Extension is located nearby the two national highways NH 24 and 58 have also boosted its market values as one can easily have access to the nearby regions. The construction of six lane elevated road from Raj NAGAR Extension to U.P. Gate will result in easy accessibility once built and opened for use. The upcoming metro station line from Dilshad Garden to New Bus Stand  near Raj Nagar Extension will overall improve the connectivity to Delhi to a tenfold

Hence, these features help Raj Nagar Extension in outshining the other regions ranking itself as the foremost real estate destination in Ghaziabad.
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Friday, 24 November 2017

Reasons to invest in ready to move flats in Ghaziabad

With the onset of GST in the real estate industry, let us walk you through the benefits of ready to move flats in Ghaziabad.
Ghaziabad has seen quite a tremendous growth and influx in its count of buyers since the inception of RERA as well as GST. The smart city with its great infrastructural development and growth has been attracting buyers consistently while increasing its growth scale.

There have been huge unsold inventories of Ready to Move Flats in Ghaziabad which are now yielding fruits as the population preferring the Smart City due to its fast development, growth in many areas. With the GST and other factors in action, one might find it beneficial to invest in a ready to move property rather than the one which is under construction.
Save GST

Let us assess the reasons of investing in Ready to Move flats in today’s date:
  • Exemption from the GST 
After the struggle to end the confusion, the voices have spoken in the favor of Ready-to-move flats. Under GST, the tax that has been shot up by 12% will only be applicable on under construction projects. The ready to move units with occupancy certificate cannot be taxed. It can prove to be a huge relief for people wanting to buy house within a certain budget. For example, a person buying a ready to move 4 Bhk Flats in Ghaziabad will not have to worry about paying the high taxes.
  • No hassle of paying rent
The primary benefit of buying Ready to Move Flats in Ghaziabad is the immediate availability of the housing. In this way, one does not need to spend money staying on rent until the construction of the house is completed. One can also give it up for rent in case they are not looking forward to stay there. It can serve as a great earning option.
  • No issues of Down payment
One of the best positives about buying a ready house is that one would not have to make any other payments apart from the EMIs. In the case of an under construction project, EMI starts after the construction and in case of any delay in the construction, the EMIs will start once the loan gets disbursed.
  • No changes in the real product
In case of a ready project, one can already see what they are buying and do not keep any expectations or illusions within their brain as they are buying what they saw. However in the case of an under construction project, the design might change despite what was supposed to be initially made.
Hence, if you are looking to buy a ready to move flat, evaluate your finances, get your papers ready and you are good to go for buying.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Welcome to LandCraft - One Stop Solution for Property Buyers in Ghaziabad

LandCraft has a lot to offer to everyone whether you seek for plots, villas, shops and flats in Ghaziabad at good prices.
If one is looking to have a residence in the NCR region, Ghaziabad can prove to be a nice bet especially for the middle class people. In this city, people share the typical camaraderie like those of the middle income group of the society, and the ambiance totally fits these kinds of people. Besides, the availability of increasing amenities like the schools, colleges and hospitals has made the property in Ghaziabad one of its kinds in the NCR region.

Affordable Homes Available in Ghaziabad
Like the rest of NCR,Ghaziabad also has seen an exponential rise in the price of real estate. But, still there exists some regions in here which are affordable for the middle income group of people. Such kind of Flats in NH 24 Ghaziabad suit those the best who are looking for:-
  • Medium term investment
  • Break even through rents
Who Can Help Find Affordable Homes?
LandCraft has become a big name today in the real estate industry and is seen as a one stop destination to all those who are not looking for luxury homes, but only affordable ones. One can find them out over Google and contact them through their websites. One can also surf through the apartments that are on offer over a particular website and send queries online regarding a few of the affordable Flats in Raj nagar extension that one may like over their website. In this way, the aspiring buyers can come across this leading real estate manager who can fix up a site visit to the chosen spots.

How This City Holds The Advantage?
Ghaziabad has an advantage over the capital that is also important in this aspect. It is in fact less populated and hence less polluted than Delhi. Even the traffic is less out here. Thus, the residents can have a peaceful life with a better and cleaner air out here. That is how this city surpasses the capital in the list of preferences among the aspirants of property in the city. Many of those looking for affordable housing option thus end up finding out one in the city under the supervision of an agent associated with LandCraft. Even for commercial property seekers, there are huge choices of shops for sale in Ghaziabad

Advantages of Affordable Homes
Low cost homes have many advantages like:-
  • Investment can be obtained back in less time through renting out of flats
  • In 15-20 years of time, homes, commercial spaces, and plots in Ghaziabad can be resold for many times the cost price of the plot
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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

New dimension to luxury living in Ghaziabad

In spite of an exponentially rising population, Ghaziabad is the most sought after real estate destination in India today.
People often complain about the ever increasing population, pollution and traffic in the major cities of the country. But, when it comes to buying a home in a city near Delhi NCR, they again prefer these places only, irrespective of the imagined problems some of which may be even true! The reason why people want to buy a home in the major cities is the easy availability of many of the basic amenities with an advanced level of care and service.

What are the advantages of buying a property in Ghaziabad?
It is difficult to sum up the advantages being in the poshest region of the country. One can only say that it provides the best of facilities and amenities that the young and middle aged professionals desire for their careers, their families as well as for weekend fun and frolic.
What are the things that they desire of? Firstly, it is to connect with various major locations of the country. In Ghaziabad, one can easily catch the train or also take a flight from its nearby city (Delhi) to any part of the country, or even drive off along a NH-24 to a nearby state. Then come the amenities, like schools, hospitals and coaching classes. In this respect, nothing can beat the Ghaziabad both in terms of quality and quantity. The daily time taken to commute to a workplace and back is also a deciding factor- a reason why many avoid Mumbai and Bengaluru! The NCR with loads of fly-overs are much better off, and the latest set of tubes has only improved the situation. Thus, one would definitely look at the following things before buying luxury 2 Bhk Flats in NH 24 Ghaziabad:-
  • A wider road network connecting to various major cities of the country
  • Availability of schools, colleges and coaching centers in nearby locales.
  • Proximity to malls for marketing as well as entertainment
  • Spacious apartments in Ghaziabad NH 24 through LandCraft
  • Nearby availability of hospitals, doctors and emergency medical facilities.
  • It is always great to be near to a NH-24
  • Nearest metro station!
  • Luxuries that are also needed
In order to support buying NH 24 Ghaziabad property in a residential complex, it is important to have the bit of luxury that a professional couple would desire today, like:-
  • Modular kitchen along with wooden flooring in master bedroom and cupboards in all bedrooms
  • Swimming pool, toddler pool, health club, gym and yoga centers
  • Unisex beauty parlors, indoor games boards, cafeteria and super market
Landcraft is one of the leading builders in Ghaziabad who have taken care of all the amenities today’s modern couples seek for. Most importantly, you can find your desired property at amazingly low prices.

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